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Have an Adventure with your Dog!
How does it work?
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Pick your session

Choose the option that works best for you. From our most popular Sage Hound Session to a half day Adventure Session, we’ve got multiple photography-filled recipes for humans and their hounds.

The location we choose depends on your dog and where he feels comfortable and the resulting images we want to capture. There is an abundance of spots here in Central Oregon.

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Play with us

Hang out with us and feel free to be yourself. We’ll help you relax, for a memorable day between you and your hound. We’re professionals in photography and fun.

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Drool over your images

Oooh and ahhh over photographs that capture your hound’s one-of-a-kind spirit, and check out our earth-friendly products that’ll showcase your photo shoot for all to enjoy.

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Offered by invitation only, this mini session is a pretty big deal. Sign up for The Sage Hound Emails to get your private invite!

Exclusive invitations to Taste of Sage Sessions are emailed to lucky hounds 3x per year, with plenty of time in advance to confirm session sign-up*.

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A Premium Experience, Tailored to You and Your Hound.

The Sage Hound Session offers a custom experience, curated just for you and your hound, plus premium photography that lasts forever. Ideal if you’re looking for both quantity and quality.

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Set out on an adventure with us!

We’ll curate a half-day outdoor activity that speaks to you and your hound, complete with photography, on the move.

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Does my dog have to be well trained?

For the Taste of Sage and Sage Hound Sessions, it doesn’t hurt if your dog knows some basics like sit, stay and down, but don’t worry if he doesn’t. I’ve worked with all types of pets with different personalities and I’ve got endless patience. It may take longer, but we’ll get the shots you want. I also use leashes for all of my sessions and remove them in post processing. This ensures the sessions are safe, regardless of how well trained your dog is or isn’t. You can read more about the advantages of my leash policy here. [that’s where you can link to the blog.]

A note about Adventure Hound Sessions:You and your dog should be comfortable participating in the adventure you choose: Trails, Sails or Snowflakes. This should not be the first time you and your dog are taking this kind of adventure. We facilitate the fun and the photography, not the technique or athleticism, so please be sure to book your session accordingly.

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