Shooting for the Petco Calendar

“Would you like to work with Petco to help create images for their 2018 calendar? It will be a paid shoot (YAY!) and you would need to travel.” said the email from Caitlyn at HeartSpeak. Of course I am paraphrasing, but I was more than excited to put my name in the hat for a chance to be chosen. Not only was it a paid shoot, but I would have an opportunity to work with key Petco employees and their dogs (plus 2 amazing hairless cats!) in various different cities along the west coast. Imagine my excitement when I received the email from Petco stating that I had been chosen along with Sarah Cozolino and Kelly Schulze YAY!

A call was setup with the Petco team to go over their shot lists for each location/employee and to layout the timing for the final images. Definitely not a lot of time to setup 5 different shoots in 5 different locations. Three of which I needed to book flights, hotel and rental car. Exciting!


My first shoot was in Oceanside, California with an adorable pug, Kingston. It was to be a beach shoot and it was a blast! Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

Pug on the beach in the day

dog running on the beach

woman walking on the beach with pug


The second shoot was with 2 hairless cats (Isis and Camo) in Simi Valley, California. Now, my focus is dogs, but I definitely have a soft spot for cats. I had my cat Abbey for 13 years and she was my best friend. I was very excited to meet them and of course they did great.

Hairless Cat-025

Hairless Cat-184

Hairless Cat-007

Hairless Cat-253


My last three required more planning along with flights and hotels. I flew up to Castle Rock, Washington to meet up with a beautiful Rottweiler named Rue.  We took some spectacular images on some trails near Mt. St. Helens. Unfortunately we were not able to capture the mountain in the background, but we did get some great shots!






From Washington, I drove to Portland, Oregon to photograph the cutest Pomeranians at the waterfront. Apparently Petco thought they were adorable too and chose them for the COVER of the calendar! Congratulations to Welt and Grisling. Be sure and check out their Instagram! Here are a few of my favorites and the cover image.

Pomeranian on the Portland waterfront-8200


This is the image that Petco decided to use for the cover of their 2018 calendar. Such a cute shot of both of them.

Pomeranian on the Portland waterfront-8301

Pomeranian on the Portland waterfront-8301

Pomeranian on the Portland waterfront-8237


My last shoot was in Stockton, California with a gorgeous Australian Shepherd that I could have spent all day photographing. She proved to be a professional poser and a great last shoot for me.

Australian Shepherd-2204

Australian Shepherd-2062

Australian Shepherd-2122

Australian Shepherd-2261


Be sure and pick up your 2018 Petco Calendar.


Petco Calendar

You have beautiful images to look at each month and there are $$ saving coupons. The bonus is that 100% of the proceeds benefit animal welfare work through the Petco Foundation.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds
  • You did such an amazing job and were such a pleasure to work with Mary! Thank you so much!

    9th December 2017at5:10 am
    • The Sage Hound

      Thank you Lisa! I really had a blast and appreciate the opportunity from HeartSpeak!

      12th December 2017at11:59 am

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