Safety First – Removing the Leash

“My dog is not very well trained and I don’t take him off leash in public places.”  “I really want to have some images of him looking like the other dogs on your site, but he isn’t able to be off leash.”    If these are the thoughts that have been going through your head, and one of the reasons that you are hesitating to schedule a custom photography session, don’t worry.  All of the dogs we work with during their sessions have their leashes on for safety reasons. We don’t believe in putting your dog at risk to get a shot.

So we thought we would show you a ‘before’ and ‘after’ to help put your mind at ease.  We work with all dogs, both very well-trained and not trained at all and am able to provide you with a finished image that will look like your dog was off leash and very well trained.  Depending on the image we are trying to capture, we will use either a long line or a leash that blends with your dog’s color or what we call a ‘show lead‘.

Here is a BEFORE example that was shot on a hillside and the owner was holding a long line off to the right.



Here is the same image AFTER we have done some Photoshop “magic” and removed the long line. Your dog now looks perfectly trained!



Here is a BEFORE example of how we would use a leash that matches your dog’s coloring. These leashes are shorter, so we use them when we have the owner standing in closer proximity.


And here is the same image AFTER we have removed the leash in Photoshop.



We hope this provides you with more confidence to take that next step and schedule a custom session with the Sage Hound.  Don’t wait because your dog isn’t “trained” well enough yet.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet and setup your custom adventure!


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds


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