Remembering 2017

Well that’s a wrap!

Central Oregon 2017

Can’t believe that 2017 is over and we are actually in the first week of 2018. One of the ways we prepare for the new year and our new goals is to acknowledge the previous year with all of the great things that happened and the challenges. Sometimes I forget how much we accomplished over the course of the year. So, let’s dive in for a quick summary.

Sage Hound Farm

Probably the biggest change for us this year was the move to our new home, Sage Hound Farm, in central Oregon. We now have 5 acres to fill with gardens, chickens, goats and of course the Sage Hounds. 2018 will have new adventures to share as we bring to life our new farm.

With all of the excitement around our move we also had some really challenging times. One of the most difficult was losing my heart dog Ace. He was my partner for 13 years, my heart dog and the logo/muse for The Sage Hound. I still can’t really talk about it and miss him every day.

Ace 2017

Marty had his fair share of excitement and drama too. He introduced us to our new neighbors and caused us to build our fence instead of installing our hardwood floors. Which means the ugly carpet will have to last another year. And if that wasn’t enough, he also had his second ACL surgery too! This definitely put a crimp in our winter adventures I had planned. He should be all healed up by March so we can start exploring our new location.

Marty 2017

Our Clients

We had some really fun private and commercial clients this year.

One of my favorites was a session with Caymus and Shafer at Laguna Beach in California.

Caymus and Shafer 2017

I also can’t forget my tiniest Adventure Session client Buttons.

Buttons 2017

By far, my most favorite of the year was working with Petco on their 2018 Calendar. I met some really cute clients and their humans with sessions along the west coast. It took a month and was an absolute blast. If you don’t have your 2018 calendar yet you can purchase one here.

We had to say goodbye to a few of our favorite clients which is always so hard. I think this year was especially hard because I lost Ace too.

Henry Schomberg

Henry Schomberg 2017

Chloe Sneider

Chloe Sneider 2017

Katie Schroeder

Katie Schroeder 2017

Rescues Partners

This year in addition to the work I do with I.C.A.R.E. Rescue, I also worked with some new rescue partners, OCPBR (Orange County Pitbull Rescue), and Recycled Love Dog Rescue. It is so rewarding to be a part of these organizations and help them make a difference. If you are looking for a new family member, I recommend you look these guys up.

I also worked with the Shelter Me project and Dogs Playing for Life. It was a really fun experience to see all of the shelter dogs playing together and the system that they setup to make it happen. I wish more shelters would provide the training and support to have something like this in place all the time. It wold help so many dogs get adopted.

All in all I feel really thankful and blessed this past year and am looking forward to an amazing 2018! Wishing you a great start to your year!


Here’s to living like someone left the gate open!

xx Mary + the Sage Hounds


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