Our New Life in Oregon – Sage Hound Farm

The Road Home

Sage Hound Farm main roadPulling up to the gate and driving through up the driveway it finally felt like we were HOME. It took us two days of driving with the Sage Hounds with all of our belongings to get to our final destination in Powell Butte, Oregon. Also known as Sage Hound Farm!

This has been a long time in the making and after three years of searching we finally found the perfect place to settle down and begin our next adventure. We wanted a place that had a least 5 acres (check), a beautiful view (check) and close enough to Bend (check) that we would be a part of that community too. We are really excited to finally have a place where we can have chickens and goats and a full garden with vegetables and herbs. Sage Hound Farm is now a reality and I’m excited to share our progress with you as we head down this new path. We are definitely off to a great start!

Here is the view from our front gate:

View from the Sage Hound Farm front gate

Once you enter thru the gate you come up the driveway to the house. The dogs just love it and you can see that Molly thinks  she is in heaven….well, we all do frankly.

Sage Hound Farm from the driveway

Day 1 and what the house and property looked like.

Sage Hound Farm Front View

The previous owners had goats and a small garden which also included a worn out greenhouse. We are planning to put chickens where the goat pen is and increase the size of the garden with a new greenhouse. Our goats will be housed a bit further on the property and we are planning to build a nice shelter/barn with some cool toys for them to play on. I can’t wait to show you as we start making some of these changes. For now, you can see that we just need to unpack the truck and get situated.

Sage Hound Farm Side Yard

The 5 acres has mostly native plants and that is how we will keep most of it. I plan on adding lavender and rosemary around the property and also adding more Russian Sage which is the large bush by the white fence with all of the purple flowers on it. It smells amazing and the bees love it which means our fruit trees will get pollinated. We have an apple tree, cherry tree, peach tree (which had about a billion peaches on it) and a pear tree that doesn’t look like it it doing very well. I guess I need to learn how to can. LOL

Juniper berries

Native plants on Sage Hound Farm

Sage Hound Farm Peaches

Sage Hound Farm Grasses

Marty the Sage Hound on the deck

I can’t wait to share our adventure as we learn about rural living and all that entails. In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to Sage Hound Farm.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds











  • Lori A. McConathy

    I am looking forward reading about all your new adventures on Sage Hound Farm. What an amazing property you guys have.
    It’s so beautiful….

    Can’t wait for your future blog updates….!!!

    1st September 2017at1:07 am
  • Wow! Congratulations and I am so jealous and happy for you! I’ve been hearing a lot about Bend. Enjoy the beauty (& amazing coffee and food.)

    All Best!

    1st September 2017at6:15 am

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