New Chicks Arrived!

The Call

“Hi! Your chicks have arrived and you can pick them up now”, the really nice woman from the post office said.

WHAT?!…..OMG! I can’t believe the day is finally here! I have been thinking about this day for at least a year. Now that it’s hear, I am excited and completely terrified. In about 20 minutes I will have 17 babies that I will be responsible to keep alive and well. No time to ponder, I need to get in the car and pick them up pronto!

Thankfully our little post office wasn’t busy when I arrived and I could hear the loud cheeps as I walked in. The woman handed me a small box filled with tiny cheeping chickens. I couldn’t wait to get home and open the box. I have to admit the 10 minute ride home was a bit stressful. Listening to the tiny chicks cheeping stressfully and knowing I wasn’t able to do anything at the moment to help was awful. I talked to them like they knew what I was saying all the way…..already a crazy chicken lady.

Finally Home

I had a small container of warm water and q-tips ready so I could check each one as I put it in the brooder for “pasty butt”. Usually stressed chicks have poop that sometimes sticks to their butt and if it isn’t gently wiped off it could kill them as they aren’t able to go. I know it sounds gross, but it was a matter of life and death so I got over it. I only had a couple that I needed to help out. I will need to monitor for the next week.

They were ADORABLE! So tiny and I just loved the different colors. I decided to get all different breeds since I couldn’t decide when I was ordering them. Plus I really wanted colored eggs!


I made sure they knew where the water was and I had food on paper plates so they could easily get to it.  I also added some electrolytes to their water to help them out with the stress of traveling. That is why the water looks yellow. I also provided a plate of herbs to get them started on the right path. Once they had their fill they stopped cheeping so loudly and started to settle in. They have the cutest little peeps when they are not stressed. The hot plate I used for warmth was awesome. It worked just like a momma chicken and they loved it. I could finally breathe a sigh of relief….17 arrived and so far all 17 were healthy and happy.





The chicken journey begins….Sage Hound Farm is growing.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds
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