How to become a Sage Hound Model

How many times have you thought, “my dog is so awesome he should be a model.” ?  Maybe he can do a really cool trick (like ride a skateboard) or is really well-trained and has an awesome stay. Maybe he is just really stunning in the looks department. Well, we would love to have him in our model database.

We are always looking for new models. All breeds, sizes and colors are welcome. By adding your hound to our database, you will have the opportunity to participate in special projects and/or commercial shoots. This is GoGo and she was a model for Whiskey Collars  a company that makes beautiful leather collars as unique as your dog.  You will also have an opportunity to work on Sage Hound special projects like calendars, cool locations, new lighting techniques or some new idea.

Sage Hound Model


Head over to our model page for details. Your special hound may just be the next “Sage Hound Model”. We look forward to hearing from you.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds
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