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We love to get out on the trail with the Sage Hounds, Marty, Molly and Ace, as much as we can. We have some local hikes we take during the week and weekends when we just have too much going on for anything longer. Even for our everyday hikes we always have at least one Ruffwear Quencher bowl in the car along with a huge jug of fresh water as you never know when you might need it along with extra leashes and some snacks just in case.

For our longer hikes or when we take off for the day to hike Mt. Baldy or Icehouse Canyon [both awesome hikes], we bring backpacks for the dogs, water, first aid kit and some hearty snacks. These are the days we love! Nothing like coming home completely worn out from a long hike.

Here’s Marty doing an excellent job of modeling his Ruffwear pack. He carries his water [2 bottles on each side] and poop bags. He’s just so handsome don’t you agree?

Dog with Ruffwear Backpack

We have outlined some of the gear that we use and recommend in our Adventure Guide which you can get for FREE when you sign up..

Adventure dog Gear


We would love to hear what gear YOU use and any tips you may have to share.

Don’t forget to enter your favorite adventure image of your dog in our photo contest.

See you on the Trail!


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds



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