Our First Year Gardening in Central Oregon

Time to Start

Well it is our first year gardening in Central Oregon and I feel up to the challenge! I never thought that I would be so excited to garden. I mean I have never really had a green thumb. Add to that the fact that we now have only 65-120 days to grow outside and you may wonder why I’m so excited. It’s because our move to Sage Hound Farm has been my dream for quite some time. And having a big garden that we can go out and pick fresh veggies from was a big part of that dream. So, we have been busy preparing as much as we can. Knowing that this will be an experiment and we will probably have a few failures. But that’s how you learn right?!

Dylon was able to build our first two raised beds before the snow hit. We still have one more to build but it is too cold right now and since everything is covered in snow there isn’t much to do with them anyway. But they do look nice and I can’t wait to fill them with veggies!




To help us prepare for this new adventure we took an all day class at the OSU Extension on “Planning your 2018 Vegetable Garden”. It was a great class. I finally understand how to read seed packets and how to choose plants that would give us the best opportunity to produce something. We basically have to stick to the types of veggies that will mature in 90 days or less. In Central Oregon there are so many micro climates that we need to add an additional two weeks to the maturity date of seeds. This allows for the early or late frost dates.

This first year we are starting with lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kale, potatoes, peas and all of the herbs I can plant. We are also planning to start raspberries and strawberries just to change it up a bit. I understand the raspberries will take a year or so before I can expect any fruit so the sooner we start them the sooner we can get some berries! We started the herbs in early February and they are doing awesome! Most of these will end up in planters in the kitchen so we can grab fresh herbs as we cook.



I have already transplanted this first batch of herbs into bigger pots. We aren’t quite ready to move them to the window boxes so I planted them in 3-inch compostable pots. We then put them in the big grower in the spare bedroom. I am so excited that everything is still ALIVE! LOL Look at that Basil!



Since I have moved everything over to the larger grower, I have started the next batch of seeds. Lettuce, cabbage and edible flowers have been planted. I feel like I’m on a roll so I don’t want to stop. ¬†Once it is a bit warmer outside, probably in April, they will all be moved to the planter boxes on the patio and the raised beds out in the garden. We will still have to be on the lookout for frost. But with the indoor grower we have some place to put them if needed.





I am planning ahead for our little chicks that arrive in June. Some of these herbs will go out in the coup to help with pests and provide the chickens with fresh greens. Our first year gardening is off to a great start. And so much fun!

I would love to hear from you and what you are planting in your garden this year. If you have any tips, please feel free to share in the comments.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds







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