The Fence Part 1: The Beginning

The Incident

“Excuse me! I need to talk to you!” I hear my neighbor yelling from the alfalfa field across from my house. She is standing on the ground holding her horse and for some reason I now have a pit in my stomach.  I call for Marty and he comes running. I’m not sure which direction he has come from and hoping it is not from the front of the house.  As I rush to put my shoes on and yell back to my neighbor that I’m coming, I also yell to Dylon that he needs to keep the dogs with him.

Running down the driveway, the pit in my stomach gets bigger as I can see my neighbor is not happy. Bracing myself for the worst I say hi as she begins to tell me that my dog had jumped the fence and proceeded to pull her horse’s tail! OMG!? I was so mortified I couldn’t even say anything other than “OMG! I’m so sorry!” I admit, I was impressed with her composure and ability to have a decent conversation. It would have been difficult for me to do the same if the roles were reversed. Not to mention, her horse was so beautiful and calm despite all of the ruckus. Lucky for all involved there were no injuries other than our damaged relationship with our new neighbor.


The Beginning

Which brings me to why we decided to put up a brand new 6 1/2 foot fence all around our property instead of the new hardwood floor which I totally had my heart set on. The following week we brought my neighbor a gift of two delicious mini cheesecakes from La Magie Bakery in Bend and a big bag of healthy treats for her horse. I don’t think we are friends yet, but hopeful things will change once our fence is completed.

Our current fence which is 5 feet high with spots that are closer to 4 feet due to the uneven ground on both sides of the fence.

Marty and the fence-106

Sage Hound Farm Front Fence

Old front fence on Sage Hound Farm-043


Next step for us is to pull out the old fence.


Here is part 2 – the finished fence.


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds








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