Does my dog have to be well trained?

For the Premium and Luxury Sessions, it doesn’t hurt if your dog knows some basics like sit, stay and down, but don’t worry if he doesn’t. I’ve worked with all types of pets with different personalities and I’ve got endless patience. It may take longer, but we’ll get the shots you want.   I also use leashes for all of my sessions and remove them in post processing. This ensures the sessions are safe, regardless of how well trained your dog is or isn’t. You can read more about the advantages of my leash policy here.

A note about Adventure Sessions: You and your dog should be comfortable participating in the adventure you choose: Trails, Sails or Snowflakes. This should not be the first time you and your dog are taking this kind of adventure. We facilitate the fun and the photography, not the technique or athleticism, so please be sure to book your session accordingly.

What if it rains or the weather is bad?

If the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with us, we’ll reschedule at no charge. Luckily this is rare in California, but it does happen. I keep an eye on the weather for the week preceding our session, and will send you an email the day before if I think we’ll have a problem.

Can I be in some of the photos?

Absolutely!  I love to show the connection between you and your dog. It’s entirely up to you if you want to be in the photos or not. If you think you might, be sure and read my suggestions provided in the “preparing for your session” information after you book. You can also view some pets with their people in my Hounds and Humans gallery.

What should I wear if I want to be in the images?

I recommend you wear something that complements the color of your dog. It’s best to stick to solid colors (prints don’t cooperate). Here’s a link to some ideas.

What if my dog is very ill. Will you be able to fit him into your schedule?

My pleasure. I will always make room in my schedule for an ailing pet. I offer special Tribute Sessions where I take all the time necessary to capture and honor your dog and the bond you share together.

Do I get digital files?

Yes! Each session includes hi res digital files. You also have the option of purchasing additional digital packages as well.

Do you offer commercial or stock photography?

Most definitely! Many of our images are available for stock purchase, and we enjoy shooting commercial assignments. Please check out our Commercial Sessions as we have a variety of options. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Do I need to bring my own gear for the Adventure Sessions?

If you don’t want to bring your own gear or bother with renting, I’m happy to organize the rental for an additional fee.

What if I have more than one dog and I want an Adventure Session?

We allow multiple dogs on a case by case basis and we are happy to discuss your unique situation to decide the best solution.