Dog Models



We are always looking for new faces to add to our dog model database for our commercial clients and special projects.

A commercial shoot is different than a regular session and requires a bit more training and socialization skills from your dog. The expectations are higher and the selection process will depend on what our client is wanting to do. If your dog is chosen for a paid commercial shoot you will receive either financial compensation or the equivalent value in products or a combination of both for your time. It will depend on the client and the shoot.

Due to the nature of commercials shoots, you may not be able to see the resulting images. It will depend on the usage and licensing rights purchased by the client. Whenever possible, we will show you the results or you may just see your hound in a magazine or ad!

Special project shoots are typically for something special that The Sage Hound is creating, a new idea for a location or a new technique that we want to try and we need a model. For these,  you will usually receive watermarked, web-sized images that you can share on social media with your friends and family. You will also have the option to purchase additional prints or products.

We are looking for various breeds, sizes and colors for our model database.  To be considered for a commercial shoot there are a few requirements to meet.

  • your dog must be in excellent health
  • he should have a solid STAY sitting, laying down or standing
  • have an excellent recall
  • be calm and comfortable around strange dogs, people and equipment
  • be confident when being handled by other people
  • have great leash manners
  • it’s a bonus if he can be reliable off-leash

If your dog can do any special tricks be sure and include that in the information as that could be the reason you are selected for a project.  If your dog isn’t perfect in the above areas, please be honest and let us know what he needs to work on. He may still be able to model for special projects.

By submitting this form you understand that you and/or your dog are not guaranteed future paid work or free photo sessions.

Looking forward to working with you and your dog.

xx Mary + the Sage Hounds

  • Upload 2 images of your dog one full body and one of his face (maximum size 1MB). This may take a couple of minutes, thanks for your patience.

  • Accepted file types: png, jpg, jpeg.
  • Accepted file types: png, jpg, jpeg.