Creation of The Sage Hound

The process of creating The Sage Hound has been a labor of love. Every piece has been deliberately put together to provide a unique experience combining nature, outdoor adventure and all things natural with dogs and photography.

The idea for the name ‘The Sage Hound’ came from our dream of moving to Bend, Oregon and having a farm. Thinking about all of Bend’s natural beauty, the forests, the river and my gardens and farm house. I wanted a name that gave you that outdoor breath of fresh air feeling that you have when you go hiking with your dog. Smelling the trees and the dirt and hearing the crunch of the leaves under your feet. Those are the moments I love and want to share with you and why I created The Sage Hound.

hiking with your dog

The Sage Hound Logo was created with the same love and attention…starting with a tribute to my dog Ace. He has been with me for 12 years and in that time we have had our share of memorable adventures and continue to add to the list. He is my heart dog and so I thought it would be most appropriate to include him in this labor of love. We used this image of him as the inspiration for the logo:

Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the sun

I worked with Nat from The Labs & Co. and she was able to create the perfect logo that combined my love of Ace with my love of nature and all things natural. The process started with concept drawings that I picked my favorite elements from and ended with this which literally took my breath away. Nat was also able to incorporate some beautiful hand drawn artwork that I have used in my website, packaging and anything else I can think of. I have included a couple here to give you an idea. You can also see more of her gorgeous work throughout the site and my marketing materials.

The Sage Hound Logo
the sage-hound-botanicals-cthe sage-hound-botanical-a


The website was created with the same care and attention and I hope you can feel that love and attention as you go thru it.

We have also taken care in selecting the labs we work with to ensure that they love nature as much as we do and share our values about sustainability and quality creating the products we want to provide to you.

On this blog we will share ideas on how to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog and holistic healthy living tips like essential oils [which I am obsessed with], cruelty-free products, and great locations to enjoy with your dog.

Oregon Coast from The Sage Hound

In the end, I want to give you a unique experience you won’t forget and images to match created from my heart.

I’m so excited to share The Sage Hound with you and look forward to capturing your adventure with your dog and creating a memorable experience.

Live like someone left the gate open…have an adventure with your hound!


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds
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