Sage Hound Farm

Life on the Farm

Creation of The Sage Hound

The process of creating The Sage Hound has been a labor of love. Every piece has been deliberately put together to provide a unique experience combining nature, outdoor adventure and all things natural with dogs and photography. The idea for the name 'The Sage Hound' came from our dream of moving to Bend, Oregon and having a farm. Thinking about all of Bend's natural beauty, the forests, the river and my gardens and farm house. I wanted a name that gave you that outdoor breath of...

Local Business – PeeWee’s Playdates

We all struggle with the thought of leaving our pets when we go out of town.  On the rare occasion that the Sage Hounds stay home, we always worry about who is going to take care of them.  So it was truly a blessing when we found PeeWee's Playdates and met Kelsey DiGiacobbe. She was the perfect dog walker + pet sitter and made us feel ok about leaving town. Kelsey set up time to meet with us and meet the Sage Hounds prior to our trip.  She asked all...


Safety First – Removing the Leash

"My dog is not very well trained and I don't take him off leash in public places."  "I really want to have some images of him looking like the other dogs on your site, but he isn't able to be off leash."    If these are the thoughts that have been going through your head, and one of the reasons that you are hesitating to schedule a custom photography session, don't worry.  All of the dogs we work with during their sessions have their leashes on for...