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Holiday Gift Certificates

Unique and personal gift for someone special

The Holiday rush, Black Friday, etc. all feel so fake and temporary and material. This year I am really feeling myself pulled away from shopping and consuming and I just want to be home with my dogs! If you are like me and want to avoid the craziness or are just looking for the ultimate unique and personal gift for someone special that is a lot less disposable and has a ton more soul, then you might be interested in our Gift Certificates. They are totally customized,...

hiking with your hound

Hiking with your Hound

Hiking with your hound is one of the best ways I think of to get outdoors and exercise. However, it can be tough to find beautiful hikes in Southern California that you can do with your dog. For me, I don't hike without them and am constantly on the lookout for hikes that will challenge both of us. In honor of Black Friday and the commitment to being outdoors with our pups I thought I would share 5 of my favorite hikes. They are varying...


How to become a Sage Hound Model

How many times have you thought, "my dog is so awesome he should be a model." ?  Maybe he can do a really cool trick (like ride a skateboard) or is really well-trained and has an awesome stay. Maybe he is just really stunning in the looks department. Well, we would love to have him in our model database. We are always looking for new models. All breeds, sizes and colors are welcome. By adding your hound to our database, you will have the opportunity to...

dog treats

Dog Treat Simple and Quick

I am always looking for healthy dog treats that I can make at home and don't take all day to make.  I have searched high and low and finally found a great all-natural homemade treat book that I have used almost exclusively this past year.   I found it on Amazon and it's called Home Cooking for your Dog by Cristine M. Filardi. It not only gives great treat recipes, but it also provides natural whole meal recipes if you want to get away from the commercial...


Gear – Sage Hound Hiking Gear

We love to get out on the trail with the Sage Hounds, Marty, Molly and Ace, as much as we can. We have some local hikes we take during the week and weekends when we just have too much going on for anything longer. Even for our everyday hikes we always have at least one Ruffwear Quencher bowl in the car along with a huge jug of fresh water as you never know when you might need it along with extra leashes and some snacks just...