Best Local Deli for Pets – Furry Belly Deli

Looking for a place that will create a custom cake for your pup or cat using organic ingredients? Or maybe some yummy cupcakes to share with their friends? Well, I have found the perfect local deli  for pets with the perfect name Furry Belly Deli in Fullerton. I fell in love with this boutique shop the first time I stepped foot in the door.  It was so cozy and everything is healthy and holistic. Amy takes your pet’s health seriously and personally chooses everything in the store. Not only is everything healthy but most of the companies that provide the toys and leashes and treats either work with charities that give back or they donate a portion of their profits to charity. I really love that.

Owning a bakery was always something that Amy had wanted to do but is wasn’t until her cat got really sick with kidney failure that she decided to bake for pets. She started baking for her cat using healthy and holistic ingredients due to his health issues. This turned into opening her own shop. Some of her clients’ pets have allergies or skin problems and they know Amy will work with them to make sure the custom treats they order have the best ingredients for their pet to keep them healthy.

The Furry Belly Deli entrance



These wonderfully colorful jars are filled with treats!  And every four-legged visitor gets to be a taste-tester (I think that’s a word…).  My dogs personally love ALL of the homemade goodies.

Treat jars at the Furry Belly Deli

These delicious morsels are a current best seller and my dogs would definitely second that! These didn’t last very long……

All of the homemade treats are made fresh and Amy will work with you on any customizations needed in regards to ingredients or special needs.

Ladybug frosted dog treats

If you are lucky, you will get to meet Max. He is a super sweet, gangly, lovable chocolate lab puppy that just recently became a new addition to the family. He can often be found behind the counter chewing on his favorite bone. He is very well-behaved for such a youngster and I couldn’t get enough of his sweet face! His mom Amy couldn’t either. LOL

I am secretly hoping that I can have him model for me….


Owner of Furry Belly Deli

If you are looking for a unique, holistic, healthy place to get wonderful custom-made treats you have to go to the Furry Belly Deli! Amy will take very good care of you and your pet!

Be sure and let me know if you stop by.


See you on the trail!


xx Mary + the Sage Hounds






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